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Erstellt: 10. 7. 2009, 21:08
GeƤndert: 3. 6. 2010, 12:30

Blog bugs


Inspired by Troy I did a google blog search about KGpg. With this I found a bug report in openSuSE forums that clipboard encryption was not working at all. Well, too bad, they were right. Two days later I finally found time to dig into this and it was just a broken connect() that was easily fixed for both 4.3 and trunk. I wonder when the bug report will arrive (if at all).

Also I once again hit a think that costed me at least 3 mails ping-pong with Michael while debugging bug 197388 until I noticed that my debug code wasn't broken and I'm not searching at the completely wrong place. Dear openSuSE packager, I really appreciate and honor your work. But it's a rather stupid idea to build a kdelibs that has a kDebug() that doesn't spit out anything when it comes to prerelease packages. At the end we were throwing QStringLists into printf() instead of kDebug().