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Erstellt: 31. 1. 2008, 00:37
GeƤndert: 6. 4. 2008, 08:48

Wizard encounter


After I finally managed it to get KGpg clean of K3Process I decided to take one step further: Q3Wizard. The first step was to rename Q3Wizard to QWizard in the ui file and see what happens. Well, it went rather well. Porting the code around that to QWizard was actually pretty fun. But for one reason or another I can't get the UI right. The Qt4.3 designer (at least the copy I got from openSuSE 10.3) does not care about QWizard at all. With the old one it was simple to add a page or something but the new one simply does nothing. And it seems that noone in the parts of trunk I usually check out and compile really uses QWizard. KPPP folks tried but it doesn't look from a quick glance that it worked too well for them.

So if anyone has a working example of how a Qt4 QWizard with 3 pages has to look like: come over and rescue me.

And now let's look if I owe SaroEngels one or two beers when he get's KGpg running on Windoze. Good luck man, I don't want your job. At least not as a hobby, it's pain enough to get paid for that.